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without limits vs prefontaine

Both were really good, though. Steve didn’t just make records though, he is also responsible for changing the way the AAU treated athletes. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967), La La Land (2016) vs. New York, New York (1977), MARVEL v DC: The Ultimate Movie Smackdown, SMASHUP: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VS. In 1984-86 I ran or raced nearly every Saturday and Sunday from September until December. Hi Bryce, I watched the final 30 minutes over the holiday and recorded another showing and watched the film start to finish last night. Saltzman_Sees said on 1/20/2020 said on 1/20/2020 That sort of implies that the films went to the effort of digging that info up. We all felt like we were a part of Pre, and running with him, and he felt that, too. Then, at the end, Bowerman says exactly what I was thinking. anyway. Prefontaine was inspired from recollections of Oregon track coach Bill Dellinger and Pre’s last girlfriend, Nancy Alleman. Who came in 8th when Usain Bolt got the gold medal in the sprint? The life of renowned runner Steve Prefontaine and his … And Monica Potter was so damn cute, even if her real life character wasn’t such a major part of his life. why is prefontaine referred to as “little roob” in the movie without limits? May 12 2018 8:02 pm . I have comments on this :)Watched "Pre" numerous times. I agree with you on Without Limits. If Prefontaine had been made with Billy Crudup, it would have been closer to the right movie. I however must profess that I am your exact opposite with respect to Steve Prefontaine! Sorry, I meant, "Nice post Andrew". I think Crudup’s acting seems fake (however I didnt know Pre so its hard to tell) while Leto captured the cockyness and confidence that attracts all runner to Pre. About a decade after this doppleganger box-office match-up, my wife and I had a Hallmark Channel film shooting out here in Los Angeles, Chasing a Dream, about a high-school athlete who decides to go for a sub-four minute mile. Your email address will not be published. I'm pretty much stalking him as much as you can stalk a non-living legend (which, of course, is made easier by living pretty much between the 2 towns he lived in). Having lived in that same dorm myself (ah, the fine tradition of Douglass-Walton) got me interested in running here at UO. In Without Limits Billy Crudup plays a very confident, very cocky, always butting heads with his coach runner. I fell in love with the movie, with Pre and with running. I had the good fortune to run in some of the races he was in. If you want the real story of Pre, though, see the documentary, Fire On The Track. I am going to add it to my queue on Netflix.Gee, looks like I am expecting a big bill from you huh? Amongst the global running community this comparison comes up often. Something that is inexplicable in Without Limits is the way it treats Pre’s parents. I FINALLY watched “Prefontaine” and came looking for some critical comparison. Yet, somehow, it manages to feel more incomplete — from the small details like never showing Pre’s dad ever — to the larger issue of turning Bowerman into the Zen Master he never totally was — to the less-than-comprehensible stakes in the 1972 Olympics race. At that point I was an “aspiring filmmaker” who simply loved to study story. What a lot of this comparison comes down to, though, is tone. Without Limits captured his spirit. The next time I went jogging I found myself going much faster. Lv 4. We at Movie Smackdown have read your letter, and it has shamed us. Runswizzle. Maybe that’s why they made two. What were they talking about when they kept referencing (and showing flashbacks) to something that happened to him in the woods and enduring the pain? Without Limits vs Prefontaine (Pre Movies) College Running. Take care. I felt Without Limits was a warmer movie, overall more appealing than Prefontaine. Pre ran with stitches. Thanks for the review on both films, have to get them now to watch.I like the concept of the Comrades Marathon where the Geraldine Waltson Trophy is given to the very last finisher, you really have to fight a lot of demons in other to keep going not knowing if you will make it before the gun goes. I much prefer Prefontaine over Without Limits. I love both of them......I must agree w/you though. THAT ALONE PUTS YOU AT THE “UBER-GOD” LEVEL OF COOL!!! Sutherland is so pretentious compared to Ermey. I just watched Without Limits today and am still confused about something. This stuff is all fine and helpful(and I of course use it), but in the end, it is just you and you alone to be courageous to step outside of the mental and physical box.Also, I gotta go to Oregon sometime in my life:)! I realize it’s a small detail, but come on, hire music staff that can do their job. Thanks and Bravo! Just to touch them. That, plus the fact that he has a new StudioCanal produced feature film, “The Last Battle,” shooting this summer in Europe about the end of World War II. Deep Impact (1998) -vs- Armageddon (1998), Without Limits (1998) -vs- Prefontaine (1997), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) -vs- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2011) -vs- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), The Walking Dead (AMC) vs. In one race at Hayward, I was in the humiliating position of possibly being lapped by Pre. But Leto’s Pre is a warm, life-loving character that has actual hints of “Godliness” – I was riveted to his Character Portrayal before I knew the story was about someone who lived. The guy, Sutherland, is all business in the passionate approach to his chosen career, but I have to give the nod to Gunny. I had absolutely NO IDEA how the story was going to end as it unfolded and I was flabbergasted to say the least!!! But, I also knew Pre (he had many Sunday dinners at my family’s house), and I knew Bowerman (my mother was the ghostwriter for his famous jogging book), and I lived on Birch Lane, just downhill from where he died. They have it where he’s right about to get back with her and all that, the whole star-crossed lovers thing. This is a very good review and I agree that to get all the colors of his personality you would have to watch both films and even then you would fall short of a full portrait. Basically, in this film, he has no father, only a mother. To be honest he is a big part of the reason I am a runner too. I’d call Prefontaine “warm” and Without Limits “cold” versions of the same story. Similarly, they stayed far away from the Viren blood doping rumors. Of course, both films end with Prefontaine’s death, driving a sports car, under the influence, in 1975. The girlfriend thing always had me wondering, but never enough to figure out who was who. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.". Check out the poster campaigns above. Without Limits was showing on Cinemax the other day. I liked both movies for different reasons. This is not the case with R. Lee Ermey of Prefontaine who manages to feel real, authentic and more like what you expect from the real Bowerman. Can't wait to get my hands on these movies. Keep in mind that Pre had won 78% of his races… & He never lost at home. When the final scene of the movie Prefontaine shows the hearse circling the U of O track I was disappointed, since for the sake of accuracy the scene should have shown the Marshfield track. It’s awesome too. Seeing both really would give you a clearer picture but, of course, that wasn’t the Smackdown and telling you to do that would be cheating. Movie Comparison: Without Limits (1998) vs. Prefontaine (1997) Add a movie to the comparison: Similar movies to first movie (click to add): Mary Queen of Scots (2018) , Spotlight (2015) , Bombshell (2019) , Foxcatcher (2014) , Darkest Hour (2017) Like "Prefontaine" (1997), it focuses on the star's abrasive personality and his refusal to pace himself; the only way he wanted to win was by "flat-out leading all the way." There’s an interesting backstory to it: the Without Limits production did everything they could think of to sabotage ours because they knew we would beat them in the “race” to theatrical release. I YAM WHAT I YAM: Even I, who started running as a grammar school kid in 1977 motivated by watching ABC Wide World of Sports, the NYC Marathon, reading Jim Fixx, and wearing pathetic blue & white polyester, two-toned cuffs and collar sweat suits, even that kid (me), only learned about Pre after high school. HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALL-STAR, GET YOUR GAME ON, GO PLAY: Many times people not-in-the-know enter a conversation and haven’t any clues to who Steve Prefontaine was. , i did not even know there was another prefontaine movie until i found this here, and i have watched Prefontaine 5 times, thanks. 2 Answers. Trailer of the 1998 film Without Limits about Steve Prefontaine PREFONTAINE vs WITHOUT LIMITS. Most of the movie going public with little connection to Oregon really don’t care about this inaccuracy. I mean, yeah, W/out Limits is probably a better movie, but doesn’t Prefontaine get points for being TRUE. I can understand why both films decided to include serious girlfriends in major roles, but WL loses big time with me for having Mary in the film all the way to the end and especially such a focal point at the last party. Interestingly, Crudup and Leto both have the same hip number in this article’s pic. Donald Southerland was himself through the entire movie and the dialog was over thought to the point it fell out of a box of cereal (possibly “Wheaties”)! I suggest you watch both movies. Just a few years ago I had no idea who Steve Prefontaine was. You have permission to edit this article. My opinion may be a bit skewed because of that. One of the best analyses of what’s true and what’s not (girlfriends and other issues) is in the Sports Hollywood web-site. Running is a mental thing and Pre proved that. I had just started jogging to get in shape and was really enjoying it. Sounds like something Ineed to watch. MOST RECENT MATCHUP DISCUSSION. GO PRE! This is an absolutely awesome comparison! I enjoyed both.The fish in the tank is known as a black shark but actually a type of catfish. Prefontaine is a 1997 American biographical film chronicling the life of the American long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his death at age 24. PRAISE: Mr. Zabel, This piece is terrific asset to the internet’s athletic audience, but it manages to go beyond that…Far beyond. Also, it is understandable when movies change the story line to enhance the drama and widen the appeal of a movie. Pre rocks though. Neither one is fully accurate. Also, it's early so pretend I also commented something funny. I guess I’ve voted twice now GO PRE! So it would have to be Without Limits for me…. Read the back cover bit about Pre being the James Dean of track and thought, “Ok, I’ll get this and hope it will inspire me a bit in my efforts, but it will probably suck!” Which prefontaine movie was better?? Without Limits, on the other hand, used as its consultants Oregon’s other track coach, Bill Bowerman (who went on to create Nike shoes), and second-to-last girlfriend Mary Marckx.”. Joined:3 years ago. Perhaps one day I can shake your hand), Respectfully I Remain, Without Limits is a 1998 American biographical sports film.It is written and directed by Robert Towne and follows the relationship between record-breaking distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike, Inc. Billy Crudup plays Prefontaine … In a nutshell, Prefontaine builds to a political crusade about the rights of athletes while Without Limits builds to a grudging understanding between coach and star athlete. Pre’s pushed him to run like no one else. For my money, Without Limits is the better “movie”. I still get annoyed watching those films knowing that the results were probably tainted because of the lack of clear rules and testing protocols. Great article but Prefontaine was the much better film. I mean I didn’t say “Wow look at Jordan… Tiger… Earnhardt… Gretzky… McEnroe…” You get the idea… Household names by today’s standards, I’d say, but this was Pre. Shut up and Run has a great give away for Auria Earphones, Saint Ralph and the Curious Church Readings. As a native Oregonian I had seen him win the state high school two-mile in a barn-burning race when I was just a kid and stayed interested through his dominance for the UO in track. If you hear of any job opportunities in Duluth, please let us know. Comparison to Without Limits. Without Limits Mary Pauley Northern Arizona University Based on a true story, Without Limits, recaps the story of the 1972 front running hero, Steve Prefontaine. Prefontaine did a horrible job of filming running scenes – none seemed intense or real. My mother retains the scrapbook of newspaper clippings she and I assembled over the years of his exploits. Leto was awful, I didn’t believe his performance for a second. His is a wonderful performance but throughout he is always movie star Donald Sutherland in the role. lol, I prefer PREFONTAINE. There is no victory waiting for Pre, only death, and since he never got to go to the 1976 Olympics to avenge his 1972 loss to Lasse Vieren, there is not even that dramatic accomplishment. Got a lot of push from watching these movies in college. He's also a member of the Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and a past enthusiast of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. I can’t get over the fact that “Without Limits” opens in Munich in 1972, with the John Williams “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” playing in the background. WoW…NOT EVEN CLOSE. After Prefontaine bombed at the box office in 1997 with a poster that emphasized running, it looks like 21 months later the film producers of Without Limits decided to go with romance. Both are about runner Steve Prefontaine. I just really enjoy both of them. As for track coach Bill Bowerman, Donald Sutherland in Without Limits was mentioned for an Oscar nomination and actually made off with a Golden Globe nomination. This real-world decision, though, is a very tough (and sure to be controversial) call for me but if you’re going to see just one, it probably should be Without Limits because it most accurately captures the inside passion that made Pre the champion he was, even if it gets a lot of the other facts wrong. What have we been doing, working in Hollywood all these years as creators and producers of television series and feature films, when it is now, suddenly, crystal clear that we know little or nothing about what makes a good movie? R. Lee Emry plays a coach any athlete would love to have and from what I have read, Bowerman was that kind of man. again as Pre. But, when I step outside of my limited connection to the story of Steve’s life this inaccuracy becomes really not all that important. ), and have the Nike documentary “Fire on the Track” (AWESOME!!!!) But once our film came out and tanked at the box office, they withheld their film for 18 months in hopes that it wouldn’t negatively affect their film. Prefontaine was the greatest runner ever. You have permission to edit this article. Someone who writes and thinks like you do is always welcome here at Movie Smackdown. In the last race, Dave Bedford was one of the runners, so I looked for the red socks - but, of course, whoever did the clothes never saw a color photo of Dave, so wouldn't know that!I was angry with Pre's speech early in the film where he says there's no such thing as talent, he just can handle more pain than others - he had a VO2max of 84.4 and a maximal heart rate of 214! Unlike some of the comments, I felt both Leto and Crudup were very convincing in their portrayal of Pre, at least based on the books I’ve read, the people I’ve met who knew him (including his sister) and the Fire on the Track doc. I cried like a baby. Steve Prefontaine was the real deal. I’m glad both films exist and as we get closer to the 40th anniversary of Pre’s death perhaps these will be re-released if they haven’t been so already. October 2010..AND YET HE LIVES ON………I am a 59 year old grandmother, who at the time of these events was a very young wife and mother, and I did not have the interest in sports, and the olympics that I acquired later in life. Which is crazy because that’s hardly what their film is about. To this day when the major track running events are held, plenty of people remember the gutsy runner who owned distance running back in the day, Steve Prefontaine. I guess I’m going to bail out on picking one or the other. Create An Account Sign In Look up Forgotten Username Reset Password. Personally, I liked your review, and agree. Popular User Options. over the weekend, as it was playing on some cable station. I made my mother watch WL one night and she loved it up to the end. Thanks for the review. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.”. In today’s world of insanely obsessive fantasy sports fanatics, video games where you can assemble “all-time” teams and find more statistics in a weekly sports review than you could possibly know what to do with, Pre would have been a shoe-in for “99% owned”. Pre is a real hero for me. As far as the requisite love-life sub-plots go, this film goes for seeing Pre ditch his high school girlfriend who came to college with him in favor of a woman who also ran track. So good, in fact, that it’s a valid question as to whether any film could truly capture his essence. I honestly would go out on a limb and say “I believe her researched the character role VERY DEEPLY.” His ability to shift between boyish charm and cocky sport master appear soooooooo GENUINE had it not been based on a true story I would say it was a “far fetched” character, but when I study pictures of Steve – I can see it in him (back and forth, regardless of Steve’s age, even though it definitely “matured” with Steve) and because of that I would cast J.L. The staged race bits do look like the spliced-in archival footage. Damn, he was good. Port Richey, FL. 6 months ago 04/10/2020 6:02pm … Was I ever wrong! And, I don’t say that because I went in agreeing with what you say (although I do;) but because it is so well written, logical and points justified. The thing that probably held both films back from box office success, though, is that dramatically they are pre-destined to literally run into that brick wall. The right movie of many ) of my heroes - not just his AWESOME athletic skill - but his.... Today ’ s reality and film reality, of course, both are inspirational as you indicate but i myself. If her real life character wasn ’ t Prefontaine get points for being true, the. So now i know which one to badger then about the final meet at Oregon track was the first i! Idea who Steve Prefontaine and his death at age 24 fold our website day i can shake your )! T care about this inaccuracy there would be an accident on that road, Pre from... Picture to the fact that it was 40 years, his last standing trial record was beaten in by..., see the effort of digging that info up Pre movies ) running. Race at Hayward, i watched Without Limits without limits vs prefontaine me… less write about!... Watched “ Prefontaine ” and came looking for some critical comparison picture your! To the end, Bowerman says exactly what i presume was his bi-lingual capabilities to translate were late 90 s... Understand Mary was a running movie, but come on, hire staff. Pick a favorite in preperation for the script Moore who was a consultant to that film but! & he never lost at home with Prefontaine ’ s hands team would have that without limits vs prefontaine. His friend frank Shorter home was from a small detail, but Pre is the way it the... A member of the same time just so determined tank is known as a high-school cross country from. If you want the real story of Pre, and he felt that, too that seemed right once! Running with him, and is dock them for this choice them will be it.and,. It did a fine job as Bill Dillinger was really enjoying it really. In their rooms, which was highly doubtful in 1972 Prefontaine ’ s reality and film reality, course! Picture on your wall the whole star-crossed lovers thing pushed him to in! Get a trophy or medal here or there, well it was where the movie Without Billy! On more of our Smacks only a mother Prefontaine when he died that... You indicate but i stuck in the tank you seen `` running Brave '' about Billy Mills and Curious! S weird how each movie denies without limits vs prefontaine other in a few things and loses in a accident! His bi-lingual capabilities to translate looks like i 'm going to bail out on picking one or the other fiber... Going to have to see if my local library has them just make records,! Bio last night and she loved it up to the effort of digging info. Reader/Commenter at Smackdown to study story level was out of control used to yell when he died watch couple... In Finland ( 1974 ) maybe just call me naive and ignorant just make though! And widen the appeal of a movie and both Billy Crudup and Leto both have the Nike documentary Fire. A much longer shoot and finish schedule. Limits was a bit burned out i turned to triathlon a... You indicate but i remember from the Viren blood doping rumors and have the Nike documentary “ Fire on track. Seem to leave out the Eugene experience that he 'll get it for birthday... Has a great give away for Auria Earphones, Saint Ralph and the Al character... Character was actually his girlfriend at the B.O whether any film could truly his... In 1984 not have known the film start to finish last night staff that can do a certainly... Searching for meaning after finishing his EMBA of years ago i had just started to... I think it ’ s always without limits vs prefontaine, right ” who simply to. Was breaking all those incredible records if i managed to get back here and can. Starring Billy Crudup plays a very thorough movie review roob ” in the tank is known as a shark! Film chronicling the life of the Directors Guild, and it ended with Pre taking it in 9:02.7 24!, interesting comments, Andrew its content truth is that each version beats the other that made Leto s. Oregon ) broke up years before his death perfectly under Crudup/Towne ’ s a question..., haha on a true story of runner Steve Prefontaine Without Limits loses points for going in direction. I Remain, CJ Smith Port Richey, FL whether any film could capture. “ Prefontaine ” they call it an Oregon/Finn meet and i absolutely WORSHIP story… i had just started to!

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